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Moments from Up Festival 2016!

Up Festival 2016 Foivos Delivorias PAVLOS PAVLIDIS The Boy Larry Gus Inner Ear Records
music : Larry Gus "NP-Complete"

Video by Dimitris Makris

Foivos Delivorias - Χωρίς Live Acoustic Up festival Koufonisia
Up Festival Koufonisia 2012
Directed by Andreas Lampropoulos / Sound edited by Timon Kardamas
Shot on 28/07/12 Koufonisia

illegal Operation - Barstool blues Live acoustic Up festival Koufonisia
Up Festival Koufonisia 2013
Directed by Andreas Lampropoulos
Shot on 27/07/13 Koufonisia

The Laternative at the Up Festival
POPAGANDA production
The beloved radio duo visit Koufonisia namely Up Festival with lens Popaganda to follow close behind.
Direction-Camera-Editing: Dimitris Koulelis
Baby Guru - Kicks with Mary (Live Up Festival Koufonisia)
Live Video Up Festival Koufonisia vol.2 2012
Up Festival 2013 Teaser
Moa Bones - Long For A Change
Moa Bones opens the three-day Up Festival in an acoustic live at Sorokos Bar in Koufonisia.
Filmed By Amy Makris & Alex Vilaras 
Edited by Amy Makris
The Noise Figures - We Look Better In The Sun Live Up Festival 2014
The Noise Figures playing their song "We Look Better In The Sun" for the second day of Up Festival which took place in Pori Beach, Koufonissia.
Filmed/Edited: Alex Vilaras
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