This is the expressive vehicle of the singer, composer and lyricist Yiannis Nastas. He gave his first concert in 1977 with the Strawberries, a pop-punk figure that, apart from his own compositions, also performed songs by Stranglers, Devo, Talking Heads, Clash and others. In 1980 he started the Proxies that were maintained until the mid 90's. His occupation lasted until 1983. In 1991 he began his collaboration with Domini, while at the same time the band gave concerts featuring only remixes from the repertoire of Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, David Bowie and others. In 1993 they began and the first preparations for their debut album, and by 1995 had finalized the form of the band and its name (Xaxakes). Their debut album "Hey Mister Beautiful" was released as an independent production. Δύο years later, when it was reissued by a new label, it was now titled their name. The pop-rock hybrid recorded in their work presented clear references to Frank Zappa's work, highlighting a strictly personal perspective.In 2000 they released their second album "Casanova". Their song "Au Revoir" was heard in the film "My best friend" by Lakis Lazopoulos.

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