Yiannis Aggelakas & 100 C

Yiannis Aggelakas was born in Thessaloniki, on October 30, 1959. With his first band Trypes he released 7 records. His first appearance with another band was in the 1990 recording of “Ade...ke kali tihi magkes”, an album in memory of Pavlos Sidiropoulos, featuring various artists.

In 1993, in collaboration with Yorgos Karras (member of the band Trypes) and Yorgos Christianakis, he released the album “Iperoho tipota” (Wonderful nothing). This record also features 4 songs written by Trypes for the soundtrack of the movie “I epohi ton dolofonon” (Time of the Killers).

In 1999, he made his first appearance as an actor with a part in the movie “Homa kai Nero” (Earth and Water) and he got also involved in the making of its soundtrack, together with Yorgos Christianakis and Asklipios Zambetas (member of Trypes).

After the break-up of Trypes, he made live appearances with Thanasis Papakonstantinou and worked with him for the album “Vrahnos Profitis”, released in 2000. In 2001, he featured in Yorgos Christianakis' record “Thiroros”, writing the lyrics of the song “Kiria ton Mesa mou Anemon” and also singing it. He produced 3 records for other bands and 2003 saw him acting again, in the movie “O Hamenos ta Perni Ola” (Loser Takes All) where he had the leading role. He also composed its soundtrack.

In 2004, he founded “Alltogethernow”, a record label which according to him, “...[we] created together with some friends, in order to protect our work and our close environment”. The same year , together with Stefanos Lazarinos , Vasilis Baharides and Titos Kargiotakis form the "Alzheimer Beat" .

2005 is the year he started his collaboration with cellist Nikos Veliotis with the record “I Anases ton Likon” (Breath of Wolves), the first one released by “Alltogethernow”. Later that year, the second record of the company was out, named “O Yiannis Aggelakas ke i Episkeptes – Apo do ke Pano” (Yiannis Aggelakas and Episkeptes – From Here and Over). In the same year, he joined the making of a children's record, with fairy-tales by Dimitris Baslam, called “O Gargalistis”, featuring various artists.

In 2007, the second collaborative record between Yiannis Aggelakas and Nikos Veliotis was out, called “Pote tha Ftasoume Edo” (When Will We Get Here). Toward the end of that year, Psarantonis' new record “Na Hen I Thalassa Vouna” (Had the Sea Mountains) was also released, both produced and edited by Aggelakas.

Two years later, in 2009, the distinguished Greek film director Pantelis Voulgaris entrusted him with the making of the soundtrack for his new movie “Psihi Vathia” (Soul Deep), a work also produced by “Alltogethernow”. Together with Dinos Sadikis , Stathis Arabatzis and Titos Kargiotakis they form the trio "Yiannis Aggelakas 3".

He has also published two collections of poems, “Salia, misologa ke tripioi stihi” and “Pos tolmas kai nostalgis tsoglane?”, (Drivel, mumble, and hollow verses and How dare you reminisce, you bastard?) accompanied by his own hand-drawn sketches. In 2000, a collection of all his lyrics and interviews was published, in the form of the book “Gia tin kardia enos ktinous 1985-2000” (For the heart of a beast 1985-2000). In 2005, he was co-producing a weekly radio show with Ntinos Sadikis (En plo).

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