The Cave Children

The Cave Children are a four-piece psychedelic pop band from Athens, Greece, consisting of members Vassilis Vlahakos (lead vocalist/guitarist), Vassilis Nitsakis (bass guitar), Dimitris Stergiou (drums) and Orestes Benekas (keybords). They came together as a band during the economic crisis in 2013, focusing their songwriting on memorable dreamy pop music. They first gained popularity performing in the underground music scene of Athens. In 2015 the Cave Children signed with record label Inner Ear Records (GR) and released their debut album "Quasiland".
“Quasiland” received high acclaim from music press like The NME, Shindig! Magazine and Happy Magazine. Over the last two years the band has played numerous venues and festivals in Greece and Cyprus (Rockwave Festival, Fengaros Festival, Up Festival, Fougarock, etc) as opening acts for bands like Allah-Las, Lana del Rey, Radio Moscow, Ought, TOY and Banda Magda among others. Based in Athens, the Cave Children are planning their first international "Quasiland" tour and have begun working on new material. Their new two-track single is expected to be released later in 2016.

Οι The Cave Children είναι ένα τετραμελές συγκρότημα από την Αθήνα. Στην παρθενική δισκογραφική τους δουλειά, το "Quasiland" (2015, Inner Ear Records), προτείνουν μια αισθητική επηρεασμένη από το ροκ των 60s, το dream-pop, την ατμόσφαιρα των soundtrack του Danny Elfman και την ωμότητα της garage-rock. Αυτή τη στιγμή προετοιμάζουν το επόμενό τους LP.

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