The Wedding Singers

When Black Eyed Peas released "Party all the time" in 2011, unconfirmed rumors of something like an urban legend, they said they were inspired by a WedSin live show, which happened to follow in their short walk from Athens.

This is how one can describe a live of Wedding Singers. An attack of love, dance, stardust, dance based on 90s.

Wedding Singers is a band that journalists who deal with what is happening in the Greek music industry have failed to categorize as most of them do not know what they dance. (!)

They have created a strong base of fans, they have appeared next to Anna Vissi, the Rex, and the Eject festival, "sharing" the scene with the Pet Shop Boys and James Blake. Having returned all over Greece, playing from holes to arenas, and from weddings to traditional festivals, Wedding Singers have proved one thing only.

That with their non-stop-mix of 90s adaptations can make every place playing in the biggest party of the city.

Wedding Singers are:
Thodoris Mavrogiorgis
Lambis Kountourogiannis
Manolis Giannikios
Christos Alexakis

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