Timon Sprinkle

Timon Sprinkle was born and lives in Patras. When he still could not write and read, he began to imitate musical instruments and various other
sounds. Shortly afterwards, and for many years, he studied Byzantine and Classical music and classical guitar, taking an invaluable musical education from
his beloved teachers. Then adult now, began his study of the science of sound, mixes and productions,creating computer-based music since 2003.
After many years of study and experimentation, in 2016 he decides to self puplish some of his tracks in an autobiographical album trilogy.
He has also collaborated with bands and musicians on mixing and production.
The Timon Sprinkle creates soundscapes (or better sound intervals) through dreams, creates melodies emerging from the emotion of the beauty of the world and
inspired by what surrounds him inside and out of him.

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