Since 2012 Bazooka are working with Slovenly Recordings, where they have released the "I Want To Fuck All The Girls In My School" EP and their first self-titled full album. They've also released a 7" for the Parisian label Inch Allah Records. In November 2015 they released a single for the Greek label Sound Effect on which for the first time they're presenting a song sung in Greek called "Δεμένος Στο Κρεβάτι Σου”, meaning 'Tied To Your Bed'. In March 2016 they released their second full album for Slovenly Recordings with the title "Useless Generation" which is entirely sung in their mother tongue. Bazooka have managed a significant evolution in both sound and writing, taking their message to new raw heights of musical sophistication, expressive power and lyrical finesse. They have one foot planted in the beat band '60s and the other in a bucket of blood and guts.

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