Amorgos is the easternmost island of the Cyclades, and its long shape makes it seem like it is protecting the Small Cyclades. Proud, she stands in the middle of the South Aegean, a crossroad between the islands of the Aegean Sea and Asia Minor.

Amorgos, the island with a rich cultural heritage, and a unique pure beauty, the island of Deep Blue, is always impressive to its visitors.



As the ferry sails by the western cape of Nikouria, and heads towards the port of Aegiali, one of the two ports of Amorgos, visitors can view the majestic beauty of this wondrous island that has maintained its ancient name throughout the centuries.

From afar one can see the four villages; On the left Tholaria, in the middle Langada, to the right Potamos, and on the beach Ormos. The white homes, all close together, look like a flock of sheep gathered on the mountains. When the ferry approaches the docks, you can see the beautiful Aegiali beach, with the fine golden sand and the crystal clear waters. As you get off the boat and start walking by the water, Aegean imagery surrounds you, with fishing boats, their nets, the beach, trees, mountain, and the villages in the distance.



The beach of Aegiali is the longest on the island, at about 1000m length, and also one of the best on the island to relax on all day, as at the end of the day you can see the sun setting in the sea... Magic.

Source: http://www.amorgos-island.gr/gr/aegiali/item/aegiali.html


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The Ammos Beach Bar will be the main meeting and partying point on the island of Amorgos during the week of the festival. Right in the middle of beautiful Aegiali Beach, it will be open all day. Breakfast with local delicacies, coffee, fresh fruit juices , and as the day progresses gloriously, slowly, you can enjoy cocktails, great tunes, and finally watch the sun fade in to the deep blue sea during sunset.

After the live performances, the beach bar will again be the meeting point for the after party, and dawn will find you dancing to our great dj’s music, and will give you your favorite memories of this summer.

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